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Posted by on Aug 29, 2014 in Family, Outdoor fun | 27 comments

Our 1st day trip to London

Our 1st day trip to London

As a child I remember many day tips to London, jumping on and off of buses, tubes and trains, seeing the sights and enjoying the atmosphere. I have always wanted to do the same with my children, but have been waiting until they have been old enough to walk and appreciate things a little more. This year we decided the time was right, so we roped in Nana and Grandad (as Grandad is a huge bus lover and can tell you almost every bus route in London, which was obviously very handy) and set off for London.

Unfortunately the weather was not very kind to us at all, as you will see from the photos, but hey, I don’t like to stop just because of a bit of rain, so waterproofed up, we caught the train to Liverpool Street. This was the first time my three children have been on a train to a destination. They have been on steam trains etc, but not a ‘normal train’. BB was so excited and all three of them wouldn’t sit down much, they loved the novelty of being able to stand whilst moving.

We walked through Liverpool St station, which is enormous to three small children, then hopped on a double decker bus. The kids managed to get a seat at the top, right at the front with Grandad. They loved looking out the window so high up with grandad pointing out some of the sights…bank of England, Westminster, St Pauls cathedral etc.1st bus ride in London

We got off at Westminster Abbey for a look.ย Outside westminster Abbey

Next stop was Big Ben and the houses of parliament. This was the one thing BB was desperate to see. Every time we asked what he wanted to see in London, he replied “Big Ben”! It was amazing seeing the size of the ‘big clock’ as all the way there on the bus, every time the kids saw a smaller clock in the street we had to tell them “no, it’s not Big ben” and they then proceeded to call all clocks ‘little ben’!

BB was reluctant to stand next to the policeman for a photo, but he was very friendly and I think secretly BB loved it!ย Big Ben and the police

Big Ben

We had a quick look at the river Thames before taking a walk past 10 Downing Street and up to Trafalgar Square.ย Trafalgar squareBB was desperate to climb up on the lion, which he finally managed, but the girls stayed on the ground.

We walked up to Covent Garden next for some cover, as the rain really started to fall. I love Covent Garden for the atmosphere and had a quick look around. The children really enjoyed watching the street entertainment, as this is something completely new to them. I loved watching their faces, gasping in anticipation at the unicycle act that was on!Street entertainment at Covent GardenWe walked back to trafalgar Square and up the Mall. By now the rain was easing, so it was a much more pleasant walk.

Walking up the Mall

The children loved seeing Buckingham Palace and watching the guards keep still, as well as march up and down. BB kept asking why he couldn’t go and tickle them!Buckingham PalaceWe walked through St James park which was a great respite from all the traffic and noise. We even found an incredibly friendly squirrel on our way to the Tube.

St James parkThe children loved their first ever ride on the London underground, though I think the novelty wore off quite quickly once they realised there is nothing to see out of the windows.

Our last visiting point of the day was the Tower of London with the poppies and Tower bridge. It was amazing to see the poppies, but was difficult to explain what they meant to a 6 and 4yr olds, however, they did make an impression on them, as they did us.Tower of London and poppiesAfter this we headed home on the tube and very luckily straight onto the train home. We all had a good day, if a bit wet.

We like to try new things and visit new places as a family. CSMA clubย set me and some other bloggers a challenge to try something new each week for the next four weeks. This weeks challenge was to visit a new place. I think we definitely did this. It was quite a challenge taking three small children sightseeing round London in the rain, but we loved it and I believe we now have some great memories to cherish as a family.

Have you visited any new places this summer?

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  1. Wow Karen,you guys packed so much in! It’s a shame about the weather, but that’s the great thing about London, it’s not essential for a fab day out ๐Ÿ™‚ #PoCoLo

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic day and fitted most of the tourist attractions in. London really is an exciting place for kids.

  3. Looks like you managed to see a huge amount in your day out. I think that’s one of the great things about London, there is so much to see! We go every couple of months as it’s only 45 mins away, I do enjoy coming home again though. #pocolo

  4. Wow you managed to cram in SO much! I remember our first day trip there when Z was about 2 and we had to come back to the hotel when he fell asleep halfway to that big park with all the toys in it.

  5. We managed our first day in London with the children back at Easter, so I was really interested to hear your own account. You truly did cover lots of ground and I enjoyed seeing your photos too. #PoCoLo

  6. Awesome day out! My husband and I are big fans of wandering around cities just looking at stuff, but we don’t do it that much with the kids. I’m looking forward to it now that our youngest is getting bigger though!

  7. What a fab day out. You visited all my faovurite places in London, especially Covent Garden. Nice that Nanny and Grandad had a good time too. Love your photos and so pleased it was a success. #pocolo

  8. Lucas says – Awesome day out. I liked the Squirrel. I would’ve wanted to take him home though!!! Great photo with the policeman and High-5’s for wanting to tickle the guards!!! #pocolo

  9. Lucas says – The Mother is RUBBISH!!!!! The comment above is from KG and not her – she cannot be left along to do one thing without me standing over her!!! Great day out – High-5’s #pocolo

  10. awww what an amazing adventure to go on! .. what rubbish weather you had but it still looked like fun x

  11. What a fab day out, you managed to fit loads in! I’m looking to take my kids down to London for a few days in the next month or so, although last time we went the youngest was determined to lose himself in Hamleys! #PoCoLo

  12. What a trip! I agree with not being affected with the rain! If you look at it its a blessing in disguise as not a lot of people will be there. Thanks for sharing your amazing trip =) #pocolo

  13. Wow, you did loads in one day.

    Coincidentally, we’ve just got back from London today. I took N and his best friend and mum came too, we got kidsweek tickets to see The Tiger who came to tea, and the 3 year olds lasted briliantly considering how much walking we did. #pocolo

  14. We haven’t yet ventured to London with the children, I think we will go and stay there for a weekend when the children are a little older, I can’t imagine my two year old wanting to walk around all day, at the moment. I’d love to take them to the science museum though #pocolo

  15. Looks like you had a great time. Tower Bridge is my fave sight in London! Love how big all your smiles were despite the rain, well done ๐Ÿ™‚ #PoCoLo

  16. Glad you had a good day despite the weather. Taking three young kids around London can be quite a scary experience. Despite being a Londoner by birth, I don’t think I’d ever appreciated how difficult it is when you’re in London on a busy day, there are more kids than there are adults and one of the little ones is still in a pushchair. Now that we’ve done it a few times, though, it’s a more enjoyable rather than terrifying experience!

  17. Great day out even in the rain

  18. It looks like you had a fab time despite the weather! Fab photos x

  19. What a great experience for the children – there’s so much going on in London and so many famous landmarks to see. Despite the weather it looks like you all had a fab day and were up to the challenge. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  20. We are doing the CSMA challenge too ๐Ÿ™‚ And we did a trip to London for the Natural History Museum. It sounds like you had a wonderful day – well done for making a trip with 3 small children too. #PoCoLo

    • The Natural history museum sounds like a good day out too, we had a great time in London ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. You saw so much! We’re waiting until Little Man’s bigger before we make our trip to London, and I’m really looking forward to it.

  22. Wow, looks great, those poppies are amazing I would love to get down and see them at some point. Maybe we need a day trip to London ๐Ÿ™‚ #countrykids

  23. Sounds like a fantastic trip to London. I love London and look forward to taking Monkey when he is old enough to appreciate it, looks like you saw so much! Shame about the weather but sounds like it didn’t ruin your day ๐Ÿ™‚ xx.#countrykids

  24. Shane about the rain but lots of happy smiling faces. We’ve bern down a few times with our daughter but are waiting for a while before going as a family with our son-I think he’d find it too much at the moment. Glad you made the most of your trip.

  25. Wow, what an amazing time. I have only ever driven through London but would love to see the sites, especially the Tower.

    • It was a great day out. London is definitely worth a day trip round the sights.

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