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Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Activities | 17 comments

Volcano magic!

Volcano magic!

Volcano magic science experimentMost of us like to do arts and crafts with our children at some point, but how many of us do experiments? I know I never have.

Last week, BB desperately wanted to take part in an after school science club, but unfortunately (for the 3rd time), he didn’t get in (well, not until January anyway). He was really disappointed, so I thought, how about doing some simple experiments at home?

I found one of his birthday presents we had put away for a rainy day (which didn’t really occur in the summer). It was ‘making a volcano‘, so we got it out to have a go. It was fantastic!

The look on BB’s face and the screams from all three children were amazing! They were absolutely struck and fascinated by it!

making volcano science magic

The kit we had was fantastic and it really made huge fountain.

However, you could also replicate this experiment without the kit, although you won’t get such a forceful fountain squirting out the top.

Homemade volcano magic

You need

  • 48ml White Vinegar
  • 1 tsp Bicarbonate of soda
  • A resealable pot with a  small 1mm hole in the top
  • A tray
  • You could use food colouring too to make it look really authentic!

Put the vinegar in the pot, then add the bicarbonate of soda and reseal with the lid very quickly, then voila….you get a shooting volcano! (Stand back! Safety goggles recommended)

I knew BB would love this, as he is so inquisitive.  We will definitely be digging out his simple science experiments book for more science fun.

I would urge you to have a go, little children can be so fascinated and excited by this ‘magical chemical reaction’! It’s a fantastic way to start learning about science in such a fun way.

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  1. I hope BB gets into the Science class in January. Mine did several after school science clubs and they loved it. We do experiments at home too. I try to put a half term aside to concentrate on science each year. Gives them more confidence and understanding when they do science in class time.

    • That’s great you do science too. I had never really thought about it before, but I def will now.

  2. I am slightly obsessed with volcanoes, myself, and have done this with my kids, it’s brilliant fun and a great way to teach them what happens! Popped over from Magic Moments!

    • Yes, it is a great activity x

  3. We had lots of fun 🙂

  4. I’m a BIG science nerd so I’ve done this with my kids and man…it’s great fun isn’t it! Your LO’s expression in one of your photos is so priceless!! #magicmoments x

    • Yes, that’s what made the whole thing so special x

  5. This looks like fun – I am so hopeless with experiments like that *taking notes*

    • Buy a kit, they’re not too expensive,makes it a lot easier

    • Thanks

  6. We were just saying today that Science should be fun and it sure looks like you all had fun #magicmoments

    • My children absolutely loved it 🙂

  7. what a really fantastic idea!! i am loving the grin in the photo!!

    I will have to have ago with this one 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    • Great, do have a go, the kids faces are so worth it! x

  8. Looks great fun, Will try and replicate tomorrow with my girlies… 🙂

    • Ooh, I hope you have fun 🙂

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