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Snowmen art

Now christmas has past, but winter is still here, my children are desperate for some snow to play in, but as yet, it’s not happened. So, last week, we decided to make lots of snowmen art. Here’s what we did…..

Paper plate snowmen

paper plate snowman

We inserted a clip to attach two paper plates together, painted the plates white, then drew on snowman features. We cut out bits of card for the arms and a hat before colouring them in and glueing them in place.

It was very easy and the children definitely enjoyed it. They have asked to take them into school/nursery for show and tell (they are very proud of their snowmen!).

Cotton wool ball snowmen art
Snowman art using cotton wool balls

We drew an outline for the snowmen on coloured paper. We teased out cotton wool balls to make them easier to stick, then glued the cotton wool onto the snowmen. A few features were added and there you have it, great snowmen art!

Again, these were enjoyed, though my girls did get a little fussy about the texture of the cotton wool sticking to their fingers, but that didn’t spoil it.

Cotton wool pad snowmen
Snowman art using cotton wool pads

These were very easy too. Just glue cotton wool pads onto paper and draw on the features……so simple  :-)

Snowman painting
snowman painting

We got the paints out and painted some simple snowmen. I think my girls were surprised at how easy it was to paint/draw snowmen….just two circles together, then a face. Easy!
children making snowman pictures

All of my children loved making these pictures. It taught them about putting simple shapes together to make a picture, as well as the use of different textures for different effects.

This was no substitute for real snow, but it helped occupy them and we all lots of fun in the process!

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