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Child’s play is infectious

Child blowing bubbles - childs play is infectiousChristmas is well and truly over, yet it is still cold, dark and wet! January can be a deflating month, but there is no need for it to be. There’s still so much you can do. If you need some inspiration, take a look here.

Last weekend, my children had the right idea. They were desperate to get outside and play, it stopped raining, so out we all went. They showed me how to have a good time in the garden, even in winter. It is amazing how inspiring children are. They instinctively know how to have fun and play, whatever situation is given.

First up, was chalking. However, before any chalking could be done, the patio needed to be swept of all the moss and mess that had accumulated over the last few weeks. They all delighted in having a go and managed to clear it well enough to start.children sweeping

Everyone had a go. We wrote names and BB showed his sisters how to write their names. That was a real, aw, how lovely, tear jerking moment! he was being so patient with them.children chalking letters

Lots of other things were drawn, including rockets, fairies, snails, hedgehogs and things they could see in the garden. BB would draw things for his sisters to colour in. It was quite a precious moment seeing them all work together as a team, laughing and giggling.children chalking pictures

Next came the bubbles. What child doesn’t like bubbles?? They had a wonderful time blowing and popping the them. Bubbles are not just for summer.boy blowing bubbles

Lastly, out came some of the ride ons, the trike, the motorbike and the space hopper. They had races up and down the patio. BB tried hitching a ride on the back of Boos trike, but he made it a bit heavy for Boo I think, as that didn’t last long, despite the laughter that accompanied the effort!children riding on trikes and space hoppers

I can’t tell you how infectious their fun and laughter was. I would say, take the lead from children and let them show you how to play, laugh and smile, whatever the weather. Child’s play is infectious!



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