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Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Activities | 22 comments

The creativity of Lego

The creativity of Lego

The creativity of Lego never ceases to amaze me. The way it inspires both young and old, how you can make just about anything you put your mind to and the way it teaches children about construction, engineering and design without even trying is wonderful. Lego have been manufacturing interlocking toy bricks since 1949 and up to July 2015 have produced 600 billion Lego parts. That’s some amazing statistics. Just think how much fun children have had with these bricks and all the wonderful creations that have been made!Creativity of Lego

When the children broke up from school before Christmas, they were getting excited and struggled to concentrate on anything for more than five minutes, so I suggested they could work on a Lego project together, building Santa’s workshop. They absolutely jumped at the idea. They ran to get their Lego boards and bags full of Lego. They set up the area  and talked about what they could do.

After some initial sibling squabbles, they amazed me and started working as a team. They laid their three boards in a line and built the walls for the very large workshop. They built a conveyor belt and placed the half made toys on there. There were workers, naughty and nice lists, Santa’s sleigh with reindeer outside as well as a whole crane system going on. They made a ball of Christmas magic. The creativity of Lego here was fantastic!Santa's sleigh in Lego

The creativity of Lego building Santas workshop

Once built, BB decided to have a go at animation using the stop motion studio app. It was amazing. He did a brilliant job, he had the conveyor belt of toys moving, someone carrying things to the end of the room and out the door, then a Lego man fed the reindeer a carrot. The amount of creativity that went into this project and made siblings work together as a team was wonderful. I will always remember their Santa’s workshop for years to come.

The creativity of Lego in the house hasn’t stopped there. Last week, my children decided to make a Lego museum, which then turned into a Lego challenge too. BB divided us into two teams and gave each team a small bag of Lego, then told us to create something and awarded a prize to the best creation. He got his sisters standing up and presenting each creation, talking about its qualities etc. How amazing is that…already teaching children about presentation skills!The creativity of Lego building

It wasn’t about how amazing our pieces of Lego was, for me it was all about the team work, the thought process behind it, the fun, the communication and watching my children learn and develop through the wonders of Lego!



  1. Loved the Lego sleigh!


    • Thank you, it was so much fun to make

  2. That Santa’s workshop is great and love the sound of the video that was made – can we see it?!

    I agree with you – Lego is about so much more than building. My adopted daughter and her adopted friend play with it endlessly together building orphanages (they both started life in orphanages)and chatting about it as they do – it is clearly therapy for them, and extremely bonding.

    Have you read the book The Year of Living Danishly? About a woman whose husband got a job at Lego and spends a year living in Denmark. Gives you some fascinating insights into the culture of Lego inside the company!

    Have you read The Year of Living Danishly?

    • Sorry, I couldn’t put the video on, as it wasn’t really good enough to show…it was rather bumpy, but it was fantastic for their first attempt. Lego really is a great way for children to act out some of their worries etc, it can really spark conversations.
      I haven’t read that book, i will take a look. x

  3. How lovely! I love Duplo and Lego for the very reasons you have mentioned – so many different kinds of learning 🙂 #LetKidsBeKids

    • Lego is so versatile 🙂

  4. My husband has been collecting Lego for my son since before Adam was even born! Can’t wait to show him what you have been up to!

    • I hope Adam enjoys Lego then 😉

  5. Lego is fantastic isn’t it. Can’t wait until my son gets to that age. The amount of creativity your kids have shown is amazing! #letkidsbekids

    • Thank you, Lego really allows you to be so creative

  6. I’m still a bit young to fully ‘get’ it. We’re swapping Lego for Duplo 😉 much bigger for my small hands. I can’t wait until I’m big enough to play with my folks! #LetKidsBeKids x

    • Duplo is great for little ones to get started

  7. My husband has more Lego than the kids! O is only 4. So he hasn’t quite got the knack of putting fiddly bits of Lego together yet, but I think later this year he will enjoy it more. He does love building with us though. I’m impressed at how well your kids worked together to build the santas workshop and BB clearly has leadership skills with his challenge! #letkidsbekids x

    • My kids did have their issues at the beginning, but after a while they sorted them out and worked together brilliantly. BB definitely likes to be in charge 😉

  8. LEGO’s are truly wonderful. The things our children build just amaze me. Then they tear it all apart and build something else of equal amazement.

    • Very true, it always fascinates me!

    • It is such an amazing toy!

  9. These are brillant! Ethan also received a big box of lego from Santa at Christmas but still asks me to help with him. I think more legos and lego books for his birthday in February is installed. I do love the Santa’s sleigh. That is awesome! 🙂 x

    • Thank you, I hope Ethan enjoys his lego 🙂

  10. We love Lego! It really is a new toy every day. There’s so much you can do with it 🙂

    • That’s so true…a new toy everyday!

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