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Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Activities, Kids craft | 7 comments

Make your own play dough stress balloons

Make your own play dough stress balloons

Do your children get cross and stressed sometimes? Yes, they all do don’t they. Whether your children gets cross and stressed on a daily basis or not very often, it is nice to have something that may help them. We all like fiddling with those stress balls, they can help use up some of that negative energy, they can help focus the mind and they can help relieve stress. For this reason, we made our own play dough stress balloons. It’s simple and fun and a fantastic tool for helping children calm down and take out their negative feelings on.How to make play dough stress balloons

How to make play dough stress balloons

You need:

  • Strong balloons
  • Play dough (we used homemade)
  • Permanent markers

Roll a ball of play dough into a sausage, then keep rolling it until it is long and thin enough to go into the balloon.Rolling play doughPlay dough sausage

Stretch the balloon about slightly, to make it easier to insert the play dough.

Insert the long thin play dough into the end of the balloon and keep going.Making play dough stress balloons

As the balloon fills up it can get a little trickier, however, we discovered, if you push the play dough down in the centre, below the balloon end, it creates a hole/crater and therefore more space, which makes it easier.Making play dough stress balloons

Once you have filled the balloon to the size you’d like it, tie it off.

Next draw on the balloon a face or a monster, anything you like, then you’re done, ready for some stress relieving fun…just squish it, squash it and squeeze it! Take out the anger on the balloon. Play dough stress balloons

We enjoyed making these play dough stress balloons, it involved lots of rolling, squishing and poking. Pinky made hers into a cat, while Boo made a very strange monster. They have used them to fiddle with when they needed distracted and we’ve found it to be useful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to solve any big issues, but it may help a little.Play dough stress balloons making

These balloons are a great for children to fiddle with when they are nervous or upset, as well as when stressed, or for fidgety children who struggle to keep still.

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  1. This is a really cool idea. We have a Darth Vader stress thing but i’d like try this activity out with my daughter! Thanks for sharing. #Kidscorner

    Angela at

    • It is nice for them to make something themselves they can use

  2. Great idea, I’ve seen these made and used in schools for sensory boxes. Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

  3. oo id not thought of this before would be great for my 18 month old. Thankyou for linking up to #KidsCorner x

    • Great!

  4. I love these 🙂 Good for my little ones to squeeze when they are feeling a little frustrated!!

    • Thanks

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