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Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Activities, Kids craft | 24 comments

How to make simple peg butterflies

How to make simple peg butterflies

Butterflies are beautiful, such inspiring little creatures. We have loved growing our own butterflies from caterpillars. At the weekend, we let them go, it was amazing, holding them in your hand, looking at their beautiful wings, watching their amazing tongue drink the nectar on flowers then fly away free. We spent ages in the garden holding, watching and admiring our butterflies together. Holding butterflies

As the last few weeks have all been about watching and nurturing our butterflies, we wanted to have a go at making some in a quick crafting session. We decided on making some simple peg butterflies. Here’s how we did it…Simple peg butterflies craft

Simple peg butterflies

You need:

  1. Tissue paper (or other coloured paper)
  2. Pegs
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Pens
  6. Pipe cleaners
  7. Things to decorate them with, e.g. stickers, gems, glitter, google eyesPeg butterfly craft equipment needed

How to make Simple peg butterflies

  1. Choose two colours of tissue paper, cut one the size you’d like the butterfly’s wings to be, then cut the other slightly smaller and lay it on top of the larger piece.Peg butterfly craft paper
  2. Colour in the peg.Colouring in the peg for the butterfly craft
  3. Fold the tissue paper in a concertina, fan pattern, being careful not to tear the paper.Folding the paper for the peg butterflies craft
  4. Peg the middle of the fanned paper.Pegging peg butterflies
  5. Carefully pull out its wings.Pulling the wings for a peg butterfly craft
  6. Decorate the butterfly as you like. We added a pipe cleaner for the antennae and googly eyes, but you can decorate in any creative way you wish.Peg butterfly craft

There you have a very simple butterfly. They were easy to make and my girls enjoyed decorating them too. It was a lovely way to round off our butterfly adventures.

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  1. That’s really clever! What a great idea! #kidscorner

    • Thank you

  2. Simple yet very effective. We had a Butterfly Garden kit too and loved every minute of it!

    • That kit is fantastic, I would recommend it to anyone 🙂

  3. What a fantastic idea. I’m sure Olivia would love to try this. Thanks for sharing. xx

    • Thanks, hope you have fun 🙂

    • Thank you x

  4. They look great and so easy to make! x

    • They are really simple

    • Thank you x

  5. Love these! so simple what a lovely idea my girls would really enjoy this thanks for sharing on #kidscorner x

    • Thank you x

  6. We were given some teeny tiny pegs and i havent known what to do with them- now i do! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner linky x

    • I hope you have fun with them x

  7. Grace says – These are so gorgeous and such a simple idea. I really like Butterflies too. Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Thank you, they really are so simple and fun to make 🙂

  8. This is on our list for the summer. Your girls are so creative 🙂

    • I hope you enjoy 🙂

  9. Ah Karen you are so clever! We have been making butterflies in Activity Hour the past couple of weeks but using paint printing, this is a lovely alternative we can try, I love the peg decorating too, I can just see them pegged to a line of sting in our ping pong tent already. Thank you for sharing a wonderful and simple idea on Trash2Treasure.

    • Thank you. I love crafting with pegs, there are so many things you can make with them very simply x

  10. Beautiful! I love butterflies, I can imagine these on a plant stick or clipped to a plant x #trash2treasure

    • Thank you x

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